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What are the symptoms of arthritis?


Systemic arthritis attacks the synovial membrane that covers the cartilage of the joints and secretes a lubricating fluid: the synovium.

This fluid allows the joints to move without pain.


Systemic arthritis can affect: hands, feet, shoulders, knees, elbows or wrists.


Arthritis can cause pain and stiffness in the joints. It can also lead to joint deformity if left untreated.


Arthritis can make daily activities like walking, dressing, or cooking difficult. arthritis is a chronic condition that can last for years.

If you experience these symptoms, contact us, we can help you.

What are the causes of arthritis?


Sytemic arthritis occurs when the patient’s immune system races, causing a cascade of reactions that lead to the exaggerated production of a substance called cytosine.


This substance causes inflammation of the joints, which causes pain and stiffness, then a deformation of the joint.


There are several types of arthritis that can be caused by trauma or infection, but also autoimmune diseases where your immune system attacks its own tissues.


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