Bronchitis and Asthma


The bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi, that part of the respiratory tract where the air passes from the trachea to the lungs. It is one of the most frequent ailments of the respiratory tract.
This bronchial irritation can be caused by dust or toxic substances. It is sometimes associated with influenza, measles or pertussis. It is accompanied by a cough that causes chest pain. People with bronchitis rapidly lose breath at the slightest effort and often suffer from headaches and fever. Neglected bronchitis can get worse and become chronic. Remember that it causes a reduction in the supply of oxygen to the blood. Which has the effect of affecting your entire system.


Asthma is a condition of the respiratory tract that makes breathing difficult because of the narrowing of the trachea, respiratory tract and bronchi, causing a distinctive whistling when the person with asthma breathes .
This narrowing is caused by inflammation or a muscle spasm of the arterial artery and bronchi. The air, contained in the affected lung, comes out with difficulty. In a few minutes, the person struggling with an asthma attack can experience great difficulty breathing. His chest dilates, then, to the maximum. Bronchitis and asthma

The chiropractic approach

There is a neurological place between the lungs, the bronchi, the trachea and the vertebral column. Indeed, the nerves that innervate these organs emerge from the vertebral column at the level of the cervical and dorsal vertebrae. If one or more of these vertebrae interfere with the nerve impulse that feeds these organs, they will not function normally. It is then that the chiropractor will intervene by appropriate treatments and will make a study of your eating habits which will enable him to see if changes are to be made to them.

Source: Equation PLUS inc. And Association of Chiropractors of Quebec