Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


The carpal tunnel is a small narrow tunnel located at the level of the wrist. Some carpal bones and the transverse carpal ligament delimit the tunnel. The median nerve travels from the forearm to the hand passing through this tunnel. This nerve controls the sensation of the palmar face of the first 3 fingers and the muscles of the base of the thumb. The tendons of the flexors of the fingers also pass through this tunnel. When the tissues around the tendons of the flexors become irritated and swollen, this can cause pressure on the median nerve, causing carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve may also be irritated or compressed by certain muscles as it passes through the arm, particularly in the pronator round muscle.

carpal tunnel

Presentation of carpal tunnel




  • In many cases, the conservative approach will provide a cure for the condition in a few weeks or months.
  • In severe cases, even following surgery, symptoms may reappear and a second surgery may be necessary.
Source: Association of Chiropractors of Quebec