Cervical Disc Herniation



  • Neck pain, usually affecting one side, accentuated by movement.
  • May be associated with pain, numbness or weakness in an arm.
  • Spasm of the neck musculature possible.
  • Pain aggravated by effort, sneezing or coughing.
  • Without appropriate treatment, this condition can develop into a chronic and recurring problem.


  • The disc is a soft structure that acts as an intervertebral pad. Round shaped, it consists of a gelatinous substance surrounded by resistant ligaments. Following weakness and cracking of the ligament ring, occurring gradually or suddenly, the nucleus can infiltrate and exert pressure on the surrounding structure, including the spinal cord and nerves.
  • Accumulated trauma at the neck.
  • It often follows a minor incident, particularly in flexion.
  • Often a history of cervical pain.
  • Family history of disc problems.
  • Underlying conditions affecting the neck
  • Neck surgeries in the past.


Initial treatment

– Control of pain and inflammation using the neurocryothérapie and Kinesio taping, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants or analgesics.

– Rest and ice (20 minutes / 2 hours)

Conservative treatment

– Spinal Manipulation and traction.

– Work of soft tissues (Active Release Techniques and Graston)

– Exercises

Drastic treatment

– surgery; Result variable from one person to another, but rarely 100% better.


This condition is usually treated in 6 weeks with appropriate preservative treatments (80% improves in 6 weeks). On the other hand, waiting several weeks before treatment begins, the treatment may be longer and the patient may have sequelae (persistent pain, recurrence, etc.).

WARNING ! If numbness or weakness in the arm is accentuated or incontinence problems occur, consult your doctor immediately.

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