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3 effective exercises for back pain

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my name is doctor Michelle BernachezChiropractor of Chiro Ste-Rose.

Today, I am going to present you 3 very effective exercises for people who have chronic lower back problems. For example: pain, sciatica that goes all the way down the leg and herniated discs that prevent them from sleeping.

These exercises have been recognized by the Canadian Chiropractic Guides Project.


1st exercise

All articlesexercices efficaces pour les maux de dos

Placez-vous à quatre pattes sur les mains et les genoux. Faites basculer votre dos en l’arrondissant afin d’étirer les vertèbres dans le milieu du dos. Prenez vraiment votre temps afin d’étirer vertèbre par vertèbre. Je vous conseille de faire cet exercice le matin pour enlever toutes les tensions en début de journée.

Then, go down on your buttocks, on your heels and put your head on the ground while keeping your arms well extended. Hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat this movement about ten times.


2nd exerciseexercices efficaces pour les maux de dos

Lie on your back and place your leg over your knee. Take your leg and bring it toward your opposite shoulder. You should feel a stretch in the gluteal muscle. This will really lengthen the muscles and open up the holes of conjugation in the back, to help with mobility. You can do this on both sides.



3rd exercise

exercices efficaces pour les maux de dos

Get into a sitting position and cross your leg over the other. Then, take your opposite elbow and push your knee to turn backwards. This will stretch your back muscles. You can do this on both sides.








These three exercises are quite simple and effective. I hope they will help you to relieve your pain du dos.


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