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Millions of people have experienced incredible results from chiropractic care, which does not involve surgery or medication.

Why receive a chiropractic adjustment

In addition to degenerative or inflammatory diseases such as osteoprosis and arthritis, many events can lead to vertebral subluxation. Some of the most common causes I have found are:

The Spine

The spine undergoes micro-traumas such as falls or accidents.

Bad posture

Bad postures that cause unusual pressure and affect the normal curves of the spine.

Chemical stress

Dehydration, hypoglycemia, or emotional stress can cause muscle tension to apply pressure to the vertebrae and cause misalignments or pinches.

People have reported that chiropractic helps alleviate

  • Patellofemoral syndrome (chondromalacia)
  • foot diseases
  • Golfer elbow
  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Cervical disc herniation
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Balance disorders
  • Lower back pain and lumbago
  • Syndrome facettaire lombaire
  • Other pain
  • Fascite plantaire
  • Sacroiliac syndrome or sacroilitis
  • Sciatica (sciatic pain)
  • Scoliosis
  • Sore arm
  • Intercostal pain
  • sore legs
  • Entorse lombaire aïgue
  • Tendinitis, bursitis and epicondylitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Périostite tibiale (shin splint)
  • Torticollis
  • trigger finger
  • Vertebral subluxation complex
  • Costovertebral sprain

Our fitting techniques include

Gentle techniques can be used depending on the age and condition of the patient

At our family chiropractic clinic we use effective techniques to return the spine to its ideal structural position, reducing the nervous system interference that leads to pain and dysfunction. These approaches range from gentle to more involved depending on age and include:

manual therapy

With or without cavitation this technique is the most used. It aims to relax and soothe the muscles and improve joint function, which contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and helps prevent the formation of arthritis.

Neurovertebral decompression

Neuro-vertebral decompression is a technology developed by American orthopedic surgeons and used in American, Brazilian, German, Korean and even Japanese hospitals!

In some cases, it is a non-invasive alternative to spinal surgery.

Computer controlled and equipped with sensors, the table gently stretches the spine without causing muscle resistance and in a safe manner.

The décompression neuro-vertébrale pourrait être une solution intéressante pour vous! Il ne s’agit pas d’une technique chiropratique, mais bien d’une thérapie complémentaire d’une efficacité impressionnante! (technique douce et sans cavitation). 


This percussion device stimulates the nervous system so that the muscles relax and the spine regains its proper functioning.


(soft and cavitation-free technique)

Diversity /
The Spine

This most commonly used movement is characterized by a quick, short force applied to specific joints to initiate movement and stretch.

Chiropratic BioPhysics®

CBP focuses on producing improved posture, balance, spinal alignment and restoring the essential curves of the spine. 

At our family chiropractic clinic, we use this technique on patients with reverse cervical curve, decreased disc height, bulging discs and for patients with arthritis.


Treatments designed to activate tendinopathies.

It activates the circulation, helps to reduce inflammation. 

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Our chiropractic clinic family is here to help you

chiropratie famille

pregnant women

chiropratie famille


chiropratie famille


Personnes âgées autonomie

elderly people

pregnant women

Pregnant women regularly suffer from migraines, back and neck pain sciatic nerve painnausea, and stiffness in the legs and arms. Our family chiropractic clinic, Chiro Ste Rose, offers several services that can greatly help reduce the discomfort experienced during pregnancy.

Live a more serene pregnancy with Chiropractic

The pregnant woman undergoes great changes

Certain hormones increase the elasticity of the joints (this normal process facilitates the descent of the baby and its passage during childbirth). The joints of the pelvis become vulnerable as they are less stable than usual. Also, the pregnant woman gains weight during pregnancy (especially in the abdomen) which shifts the center of gravity. This combination of changes increases the mechanical stress on the back and pelvis of pregnant women, making them more vulnerable to back pain.

Effective complementary care

Since chiropractic care is adapted to the physical condition of the pregnant woman and is safe for the fetus and the mother, it is increasingly used as complementary care to other treatments. Since the mother's health affects her baby's, all natural allies are sought to optimize the mother-to-be's well-being, thus increasing that of her unborn baby.

Here are some examples of pain that can be relieved by chiropractic:

Lower back or neck pain

heavy legs



The Newborns

The little pains of newborns

During pregnancy, the position of the baby is not always optimal. In addition, during childbirth, her body is under great pressure. It is therefore not uncommon to discover in newborns the presence of torticollis (congenital) with or without deformation of the head (plagiocephaly). This can lead to problems with breastfeeding or abnormal structural development, among other things. Fortunately, your chiropractor at our family chiropractic clinic can help. With his skills and knowledge, he is qualified to make the diagnosis and can offer you the appropriate treatment for this kind of condition.


Several reasons can influence the future condition of your child. The posture that toddlers and adolescents adopt can predispose them to structural problems later in life (back pain, knee problems, etc.).

At our Chiro Ste Rose family chiropractic clinic, we are happy to welcome your entire family, regardless of age, to offer personalized care to all.

At our Chiro Ste Rose family chiropractic clinic, we are happy to welcome your entire family, regardless of age, to offer personalized care to all.

Chiropractic treatments can really help your children

Did you know that many children suffer from lower back pain on a daily basis? Whether these pains are acute or chronic, they affect your child's posture and also affect their general well-being. Chiropractic treatments can help your child with lower back pain. Following a complete examination, including X-rays, if necessary, your chiropractic doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and suggest the appropriate treatment for your child. Did you know that a doctor of chiropractic can help your child who suffers from headaches? Indeed, several studies report that manipulations of the cervical vertebrae (chiropractic adjustments) are not only effective in the treatment of migraines and headaches of cervical origin, in the short and long term, but also that these treatments are safe and associated with few side effects. Thanks to his skills and knowledge, the chiropractor is able to make a diagnosis and can offer you the appropriate treatment for this type of condition.

The health of your children is important to us!

Since there is no age to suffer from vertebral subluxations, we believe it is important to undergo a complete chiropractic examination to assess your spinal health as soon as possible. Our various professionals at our family chiropractic clinic are qualified to treat babies and children of all ages. The health of your children is important to us and our family approach creates a secure bond for your children.

Sometimes pain is due to vertebral subluxations such as:


Lower back pain

The Seniors

You suffer from arthrosis, arthritisDo you suffer from hip pain or any other joint pain? They affect your knees, shoulders, ankles and wrists. Chiropractic could help you. Our family chiropractic clinic offers high quality care and has techniques adapted for seniors.

A treatment to reduce your pain and regain your autonomy

Following a complete examination, including X-rays, if necessary, your doctor of chiropractic will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and propose the appropriate treatment specific to your condition. Thus, at our family chiropractic clinic, we will put all the chances on your side to reduce arthritis pain and thus reduce the effect of this pain on your daily activities and on your quality of life.

Our chiropractic clinic family is here to help you

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