Vertebral subluxation complex

Minor intervertebral dysfunction Presentation


  • People of all ages can suffer from vertebral subluxation complex (VSC). Indeed, from the small baby who suffers from childbirth trauma to the elderly.
  • It is also considered one of the most common sources of back pain.
  • It can be presented by a feeling of blockage, of point in the back, of tension.
  • Also the feeling of being "stuck", "untied", of having a displaced vertebra.
  • In reality, nothing moves, it's all a question of mobility.
  • Vertebral subluxation complex(VSC)is in fact a lack of mobility between two or more vertebrae. In fact, each vertebra has a movement to make and certain factors can cause it to no longer perform its functions optimally.
  • One of the most important symptoms of VSC is pain and stiffness.

Les causes du complexe de subluxation vertébrale

  • Physical Stress
  • Bad posture
  • Lack of exercise
  • Muscle tension
  • Trauma or repetitive strain injuries


  • Ice, rest and complementary therapies, including neurocryotherapy and kinesiotherapy, are always used to reduce intense pain.
  • Spinal manipulations help restore mobility to the joint.
  • Soft tissue work (Active Release Techniques and Graston)
  • Stretching of the muscles involved.
  • Strengthening of the involved musculature with or without ultrasonography
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and analgesics may bring some relief but do not solve the basic problem at the joint level. In the long term, this procedure proves to be totally ineffective and potentially harmful.
  • Postural correction and weight loss


With the help of manipulations and favourable conditions, a noticeable improvement can be seen in 14 days and remission in 4 to 5 weeks. On the other hand, if we wait several weeks before starting the treatment, it may take longer and the patient may retain after-effects (slight persistent pain, recurrence, weak back, etc.).

Since VSC affects the vertebrae as well as an important part of the nervous system, the treatment of VSC can have implications not only for the relief of pain and stiffness, but also for the muscles and organs that are innervated by the nerves of the level affected by VSC.