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Voici la nouvelle technologie de décompression neurovertébrale SpineMED

LA décompression neurovertébrale


La décompression neurovertébrale

It is a Technology Developed By American Orthopedic Surgeons And Used In American, Brazilian, German, Korean And Even Japanese Hospitals!

In some cases, it is a non-invasive alternative to spinal surgery.

Computer controlled and equipped with sensors, the table gently stretches the spine without causing muscle resistance and in a safe manner.

La décompression neurovertébrale pourrait être une solution intéressante pour vous! Il ne s’agit pas d’une technique chiropratique, mais bien d’une thérapie complémentaire d’une efficacité impressionnante!


All treatments are administered to the fully clothed patient.

For lumbar treatments, the patient is comfortably seated on the table and the patented pelvic retainer is adjusted to properly stabilize the patient's pelvis. The thorax and pelvis are stabilized by a comfortable system incorporated in the fixed section of the table. The patented tilting section is computer-aided and enables the exertion of low negative forces in the form of microtractions on certain segments of the column, in a very precise and safe manner.

For cervical procedures, the device electronically tilts to the angle required to target certain segments of the cervical vertebrae. The patient is then placed on the table by positioning him in the cervical headrest. The cervical retainer comfortably stabilizes the base of the patient's skull and helps control distraction.

Une session typique consiste en 15 minutes de chaleur, suivi de 30 minutes de décompression neurovertébrale avec le système SpineMED et de 15 minutes de thérapie avec de la glace.

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The process is painless and safe: some patients will even fall asleep during the treatment!

COMMENT FONCTIONNE LA décompression neurovertébrale?

regeneration of disks

The disc has at its center a gelatinous nucleus (the nucleus) surrounded by a fibrous ring (the annulus).

The discs are not supplied by blood vessels to nourish and regenerate them. The nutrition of the disc cells is achieved by the diffusion of nutrients and oxygen through the endplates.

This transfer of nutrients depends on the pressure difference between the inside of the disc, the surrounding vertebrae and blood vessels.

This is why the nutrition and regeneration of the discs occurs while lying down, reducing the pressure inside the discs.

This process loses its effectiveness with age causing increasing wear and tear.

The discs thus lose their ability to heal and regenerate.


Our discs are prone to injury and degeneration every day when we use our backs. They compress and twist when you sit, bend or lift a weight.

At the two lower levels of the lumbar discs the compressive forces can be 2,000 to 3,000 pounds per square inch. Repeated injuries weaken and eventually cause an annular tear.

As the pressure inside the discs increases, these tears produce a disc protrusion resembling an old, bent tire. If all of the fibrous layers tear, the gelatinous nucleus spills out, causing a herniated disc.

Une saillie ou hernie discale peut faire pression sur un nerf causant une sciatalgie (sciatique) ou une radiculopathie. Pendant les activités normales, la pression à l’intérieur des disques varie entre 100mm/HG et 300mm/HG.

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EST-CE QUE LA décompression neurovertébrale ET LA CHIROPRATIQUE PEUVENT M’AIDER?

We are very likely to be able to help you if you are suffering from:

– Douleur brûlante dans les jambes ou les cuisses,

– Engourdissement dans les mains, les pieds ou les membres,

– Raideur au cou, au milieu du dos ou au bas du dos que même les soins chiropratiques seuls ne peuvent soulager.

En combinant l’approche de soins chiropratiques et le traitement de la décompression neurovertébrale SPINEMED, we will help you find a better state of health. To determine if this treatment is for you, we will do a thorough physical examination of your spine and nervous system.

By neurological tests, biomechanical examinations and all necessary x-rays we will make a precise diagnosis of your condition and determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

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Interested in improving your condition and health?
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According to several clinical studies, the results exceed 85% of effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of patients suffering from chronic pain in the neck or lower back, cervical or lumbar disc herniation, numbness in the limbs and osteoarthritis. .


Lower back and neck pain affects 80% of the North American population at one point or another in their lives. According to the WHO, 30% of people suffer from it now. These problems often cause permanent loss of function, forcing these people to cease normal activities of life.

Le système de décompression neurovertébrale SpineMED hautement perfectionné vous offre enfin l’espoir de reprendre la liberté et le bien-être de votre corps!

Stop suffering! Do not wait any longer and make an appointment for an evaluation exam.

SpineMED, the solution you've been waiting for to finally regain your quality of life!


Témoignages décompression

 » Je vais chez CHIRO Ste-Rose depuis plus de 2 ans. J’alterne des séances de décompression neurovertébrale avec des soins chiropratiques. Avec 2 hernies discales qui me limitaient depuis 2003, après avoir suivi des centaines de traitements dans plusieurs cliniques de toutes sortes: physio, osthéo, orthothérapie, masso etc…
La décompression neurovertébrale, combinée avec les mains magiques du Dr Bernatchez est pour moi, de loin, le traitement le plus efficace à ce jour! Les séances se passent en douceur et sont très relaxantes. Ma qualité de vie a tellement changé pour le mieux! Je le recommande fortement! À l’aube de la cinquantaine, j’entrevois enfin la deuxième partie de ma vie avec enthousiasme!
De plus, l’équipe est formidable! N’hésitez plus ! « 

Nathalie Jetté