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Jaw pain

subluxation mâchoire

A problem related to jaw pain is called temporomandibular disorder (TMD). TMD results from a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints which can result in: cracking with or without pain, sounds of sand in the joint, blockages or deviations of the jaw during opening and closing. The closing of the mouth, among others.
Headaches, facial neuralgia, excessive tearing of the eyes, chronic throat irritation. There is also a sensation of hearing through a cotton plug. And some forms of tinnitus can also be the result of DTM.


Testimony of Alain Cadorette

I have come to consult at the clinic in 2005. I had a lot of trouble bending and had pain in my neck and trapezius.

Aujourd’hui, 5 ans plus tard, je peux dire que je suis en période de maintien. Les traitements ont été vraiment bénéfiques pour moi, car je n’ai plus aucune douleur de cou ni mal nulle part. En effet, je peux dire que je suis en pleine forme ! Je dirais même que j’ai retrouvé la vingtaine !

Working in the electro-mechanical field, I am often called upon to go underneath machines. I can do this now and stay like this for several minutes. My condition is also greatly improved when I do sports. Besides, I love to practice extreme sports like paragliding and hang-gliding. I can now practice them without any problem, even if it requires a lot of physical effort.

In short, I feel great and still in maintenance period by coming about once a week.


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