Cervical Pain

More commonly known as neck pain, cervical pain is defined as pain localized to the nape of the neck. Often accompanied by headaches, dizziness and pain in the shoulders or arms.

Cervical adjustment, an effective and safe treatment

The chiropractic treatment used to treat these people - cervical adjustment - is effective, safe and based on a thorough understanding of current scientific research. It is through a technique called "cervical adjustment" or "cervical manipulation" that the chiropractor can help you reduce your pain. This technique, which consists of precise manipulation of the cervical region, is a specialty of the chiropractor. Its function is to restore the range of motion and promote the mobility of the adjacent muscles. It thus relieves pain, discomfort and degree of disability. The treatment also has the beneficial effect of improving the strength of your neck, thus avoiding possible relapses.

Douleurs Cervicales

source : Quebec Association of Chiropractors