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Exercises for newborns 2

examen de la colonne vertébrale d’un nouveau-né

Welcome to the Chiro Sainte-Rose center, today we are going to make the continuation of the video with Cynthia who had accepted to be filmed when she was pregnant. She now has her little Mathias who is here with us today. We're going to share with you his first spinal exam. He is now two weeks old.

So I will start the manipulations for the examination. He is on his belly on his mother. I press gently on points in his back to check if each of his vertebrae separates well. Often, in the uterus, the areas that are most likely to be weakened are the pelvis, if the baby comes out in a breech position or if the cord is around the neck during or at the time of delivery.

Then, I make slight rotations with his head to check his neck. I notice that there is a little restriction on one side, so I massage the muscles. This will help the ones that are attached after the vertebrae to lengthen so that they can regain mobility.

Now we're going to look between the two shoulder blades to see if everything is working well. So I put some pressure on his upper back to check the mobility of the vertebrae.

So there you have it, it was an examination of the spine of a newborn.

Thank you!



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