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exercice entorse lombaire

Si vous êtes présentement sur cette page, c’est probablement parce que vous ressentez des douleurs dans votre dos et que votre recherche vous a mené ici.

Know that you are in the right place 😉

This pain can be chronic, that is to say, following old injuries, professional illness, repetitive movements, or simply due to a lack of physical form, or acute, consequence of a recent injury such as a lumbar sprain, or muscular spasms due to efforts exceeding your physical capacity.

You can rest assured that they are curable with chiropractic. But, there are also some exercises you can do at home while waiting for your next appointment!

So we'll try to explain what lumbar sprain is so that you can remedy it as quickly as possible with our tips! 😇


What is a lumbar sprain : où se situe la douleur ?

Particularly associated in the colloquial language to a "turn of kidney", a "lumbago" or a "barred back", the lumbar sprains imply the attack to one or several ligaments or tendons being situated in the lower back.

Sometimes these pains radiate to the buttock or thigh, down the legs to the foot and can be particularly uncomfortable. 🥵

People who suffer from it have mobility problems, especially when it comes to getting up from a sitting position, bending over or simply changing position.

It is also possible to feel stiffness when getting up in the morning as well as increased pain during physical effort.


Pourquoi est-ce si fréquent comme back pain ?

If you suffer from lower back pain, you are not alone.

In fact, according to Statistics Canada, quatre adultes sur cinq seront atteints de douleurs lombaires au moins une fois au courant de leur vie. 🤯

The back is prone to this type of sprain because it supports the body's weight and is stressed when the person moves, turns and bends.

Stretching of muscles in the lumbar region occurs when muscle fibers are stretched or twisted abnormally.

A lumbar sprain occurs when the ligaments, or strong bands of tissue that hold the bones together, are torn.

When the lumbar spine is stretched or sprained, the soft tissue becomes inflamed.


What causes a lumbar sprain?

Many causes can explain their appearance:


Lumbar sprains can be extremely painful and often take a long time to heal, especially if normal movement of the spine is not restored while the injured tissue heals.

It is essential to recover from this condition by moving, staying active and ensuring the proper movement of the vertebrae and therefore the functioning of the lumbar spine.

Manual therapy is often essential to ensure a better, faster and longer lasting recovery.

A poorly healed sprain, that is, one that has healed with abnormal function, can lead to recurrent sprains and chronic pain and premature aging of the vertebrae and discs.

In this article, we will discuss five exercises that can help you speed up the healing process and thus reduce the disabling pain you experience on a daily basis.


Entorse lombaire : chaud ou froid pour guérir? 🌡️

Pour les personnes souffrant d’une entorse lombaire, choisir entre un traitement chaud ou froid peut être difficile à déterminer.

Les traitements chauds et froids sont tous deux efficaces pour soulager la douleur, mais savoir quand les utiliser peut faire toute la différence.

D’une manière générale, si votre entorse est récente, l’application d’une poche de glace ou d’une compresse froide devrait apporter un soulagement bienvenu car elle réduit le gonflement et l’inflammation.

Au contraire, si votre entorse date de quelques jours ou de quelques semaines, la thérapie par la chaleur peut être préférable, car la chaleur aide à détendre les muscles et stimule la circulation sanguine, ce qui accélère la guérison.

Que vous optiez pour la chaleur ou le froid, il est toujours recommandé de consulter un professionnel de la santé au préalable. 🧑‍⚕️


exercice entorse lombaire


Entorse lombaire quoi faire : les 5 meilleurs exercises et étirements physiques à faire à la maison pour aider à diminuer les douleurs au bas du dos

Les exercices suivants sont simples et peuvent être réalisés à la maison avec un équipement minimal. Si vous souffrez présentement d’une entorse lombaire, n’hésitez pas à essayer ces exercices !

However, you should know that, in the case of back pain, rest is not always the best solution.

Il faut comprendre que la douleur n’est pas toujours synonyme de dommage. Un repos prolongé au lit peut mener à une perte de la force des muscles et peut accroître leur raideur et mauvais fonctionnement.

The most important thing is to move!

Activity and stretching (without heavy lifting, of course!) will help relieve pain according to several studies.


1st exercise: The child's posture

In order to perform this stretch properly, you must kneel on the floor or on a mat while releasing both arms forward (see photo above).

Then lower the tailbone to the floor and stay in this position for about a minute. Then stand up by slowly unrolling your back, vertebra by vertebra.


2nd exercise: Knees to the chest

This simple to do exercise only involves bringing the bent knees to the torso with our hands.

You can stay in this position for about a minute while breathing in and out deeply. Then slowly return to your original position. The stretch can be repeated about five times during the day when you feel the need.


3rd exercise: Pelvic tilt

This stretching can be practiced in the morning in bed or in the evening before going to sleep. It helps to relieve pain by unconsciously bringing the body into a better position.

First lie on your back with your knees bent.

Then slide your hands into the hollow of your lumbar region and push your pelvis toward the floor or bed, as if you were trying to crush your hands with your back.

Stay in this position for five seconds. Finally, push your pelvis forward with your arms crossed and stay in this position for five seconds. Repeat five times in a row the movement of tilting the pelvis backwards and forwards.


4th exercise: The cat pose

The cat pose relaxes both the body and the mind by stretching the spine to allow it to regain its flexibility. To do this, you must position yourself on all fours, like a cat!

First, keep your back straight and your neck and shoulders relaxed. As you exhale, arch your back, curling your spine from the lumbar region and tucking your neck in, with your eyes focused on the floor.

As you breathe in, slowly raise your neck to the sky, digging your back in as much as possible. You can repeat this stretch 5 to 15 times.

People with weak wrists or shoulders should do so in moderation so as not to cause further pain.


exercice entorse lombaire


5th exercise: The plank

The plank is an effective way to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and the abdominal belt.

This exercise is beneficial for posture and reduces lower back pain. To do this, you must lie on the ground on your stomach and lift your weight with your elbows and the tip of your feet.

Look straight ahead with your head up and your abdominals contracted.

You must maintain this position horizontally as long as you can, without your buttocks rising.

Despite these exercises, it is important to consult a professional si les douleurs persistent.⚠️


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Source : Statistics Canada


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