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Back pain

Hello, I consulted here because I was suffering from back pain, a leg, a shoulder. I had followed several treatments with specialists. I even had recourse to injections in my shoulder and in my lower back. 

However, this method did not work for a long time. I couldn't get my posture right anymore because I was always in too much pain. My wife looked for a solution on Facebook and found the clinic. 

After discussing with the doctor of chiropractic Poirier and taking some x-rays, he advised me on a treatment plan. " sciatic nerves treatment "


nerfs sciatique traitement

Sciatica Nerves Treatment


After three weeks, I already noticed a huge difference! He also offered me to do treatments on the neuro-decompression

Then after only two sessions, I saw that my problem was decreasing a lot more, so we continued this way. 

Now I can say that my pain problem is almost completely solved and I am very proud to have consulted in this clinic. I want to thank Dr. Poirier for the good recommendations he gave me. I am very satisfied!


Here is 8 Reasons Choosing Our Clinic For Your Health Care:

  1. Our technology : We have a neuro-vertebral decompression device Spine-med for the treatment of back pain herniated discs and severe arthritis, digital radiology, as well as digital thermography, laser and ultrasound, kinésietaping
  2. Our consultations are affordable First free consultation Certificate for the family.
  3. Soft techniques without cavitation if desired.
  4. We offer adapted care for golfers, exercise programs according to the criteria of the Titleist Performance Institute.
  5. We offer workshops conferences on nutrition and stress.
  6. We accompany the sportsmen.
  7. We offer appointments emergency.
  8. Well located Corner of Highway 15 and Curé-Labelle Boulevard


If you experience these symptoms see your chiropractor.