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Neck pain and torticollis: is it just pain? đŸ€•

mal au cou

A neck ache like the torticollis is not just a neck pain that you should ignore.

It is an involuntary muscle contraction in the neck. Often benign, it can still become very painful to the point of being disabling. đŸ˜„

The pain of a torticollis can extend to the back, the shoulders or the arms. Sometimes the neck muscles are so tight that the head is stuck and cannot be turned to one side.

Le torticolis arrive la plupart du temps brutalement suite Ă  une mauvaise position lors du sommeil.

Torticollis is usually easily treated with exercises, stretching or chiropractic treatment. However, there is a chronic form of torticollis that is much more disabling: spasmodic torticollis.


What is neck pain?

La cervicalgie est une douleur prĂ©sente Ă  l’arriĂšre du cou. Elle est due Ă  un dĂ©sĂ©quilibre entre les muscles du haut du dos et ceux du bas du dos qui entourent la spinal column. Elle peut ĂȘtre provoquĂ©e soit par une raideur du cou, soit par une inflammation des tissus du cou.

If the patient cannot relax, or simply does not like the feeling or sound of cavitation/crackling or any other type of problem, a gentle form ofchiropractic adjustment can be used rather than the more traditional techniques.

Some of these methods include a slower (low speed) technique performed in the passive range of joint motion.

mal au cou



What causes neck pain, whiplash or stiff neck?

Torticollis is an excessive contraction of one or more muscles in the neck. There is a dysfunction in the interaction between the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

From this, a muscle tension is created, called muscle spasm. This is a protective mechanism of the nervous system. It puts it in place to prevent further injury.

No one is safe from a stiff neck. All it takes is a bad sleeping position, such as sleeping on your stomach or on the couch with your neck at a 45 degree angle. Consider sleeping with a pillow that fits your body. đŸ›ïž

A bad posture in the cara bad fall, a accident or working with a bad position, whether it is painting the ceiling that makes the head rise, or working in front of a computer that makes the head bend, are also causes of torticollis. In short, anything that causes muscle contracture.

Even newborns can suffer from neck pain, in which case the term congenital torticollis is used. This often happens if the baby had a bad position in the womb.

Stress could also be a factor that increases the risk of torticollis.


Why I have a pain in my neck and head ?

If your neck hurts, chances are you have a stiff neck. Neck pain and headaches can be caused by a variety of factors: stress, fatigue, back pain, acid reflux, etc.

Les douleurs cervicales sont souvent des douleurs musculaires liées à une mauvaise posture. Quelques exercices quotidiens peuvent vous aider à prévenir leur apparition.

Neck pain is a frequently encountered symptom. It is due to tension in the upper part of the neck, particularly in the muscles, but also in the tendons and ligaments.

Lorsque vous avez un nerf pincé, vous pouvez ressentir des symptÎmes persistants, notamment de la douleur, une faiblesse musculaire et des sensations de fourmillements.

Les soins chiropratiques peuvent ĂȘtre en mesure de traiter de maniĂšre non invasive la cause de vos symptĂŽmes et de vous redonner toute votre force et votre amplitude de mouvement.


4 solutions to get back to sleep when you have a stiff neck

1Úre solution : Masser la nuque et mettre du froid 

Pour commencer, vous pouvez masser votre nuque. Bien sĂ»r, cela n’est pas la solution miracle pour retrouver le sommeil quand on a un torticolis, mais cela peut vous aider Ă  soulager votre douleur et, par consĂ©quent, vous allĂ©ger de la tension qui s’accumule dans votre nuque.

To reduce joint or muscle inflammation, applying ice in 5 to 10 minute intervals will help. However, this will not cure the stiff neck.


Solution 2: Drink lots of water if your neck hurts 

Drinking water throughout the day helps keep muscles and the entire body hydrated. Water is not a miracle cure, but keeping your body well hydrated helps in the healing and prevention of certain problems.


Solution 3: Massage the back muscles

Over time, the muscles in the back become stiff, which can lead to a stiff neck. To prevent torticollis from becoming chronic, you should massage the back muscles regularly to relax them.

You can also apply gel to these muscles, as it will allow the body heat to diffuse better and help relax the muscles.


Solution 4: Relax

Prendre un bain chaud, faire des exercices de respiration profonde ou bien visualiser un endroit oĂč vous vous sentez relax pourra vous aider avant d’aller vous coucher. Au moins 30 bonnes minutes avant de dormir devrait vous aider.


Why I have Sore neck?

You've tried every trick in the book, you've gotten into the habit of sleeping on your back or side and you've bought the great memory foam pillow, but nothing helps, your stiff neck persists.

Il est recommandĂ© d’aller consulter dĂšs qu’une douleur au cou apparaĂźt et persiste. Il est important pour vous de savoir si votre douleur est un torticolis ou si vous ĂȘtes victime d’une pathologie.

Sleep neck pain is a fairly common cause of insomnia in people with jaw disorders. This condition is much more common in people who have fragile REM sleep.

If you have jaw problems, you are at greater risk of developing sleep stiffness.

Sleep stiffness is a type of muscle contracture that occurs during your sleep and can be caused by being overweight, poor posture or a disease that affects the jaw muscles.

So don't be left behind and make your appointment quickly. We are waiting to provide you with the best care to help you get back to sleep quickly.


Preventing the onset of torticollis

The best way is to maintain good posture throughout the day by keeping your back straight and your head aligned. Repetitive movements should also be avoided.

La position lors du sommeil est aussi primordiale. Dormir sur le dos ou sur le cĂŽtĂ© favorise une position optimale du cou. Attention Ă  l’épaisseur de votre oreiller.

A spinal adjustment can also improve spinal mobility and prevent muscle spasms.

Optimize the position at work by ensuring that the chair is adapted and that the computer screen is at the right height.

De plus, faire des exercices et des Ă©tirements rĂ©guliĂšrement aiderait Ă  la prĂ©vention de l’apparition d’un torticolis. Un chiropraticien pourrait Ă©galement vous conseiller sur quoi faire pour vous aider.


When s’worry d’un mal de cou et comment le traiter ?

Torticollis will not go away with time. This neck pain must be treated.

The best way is vertebral correction and isometric muscle contraction from left to right of the neck. This will relieve tension and muscle spasms.

A chiropractor will be able to diagnose torticollis and guide you in its treatment or refer you to a specialist if it is out of his or her field of expertise.

Le traitement chiropratique vise Ă  diminuer la douleur, l’inflammation et les spasmes musculaires. Il vise aussi Ă  redonner de la mobilitĂ© au cou et Ă  rĂ©Ă©duquer les systĂšmes squelettiques, nerveux et musculaires.

Il vous aidera par ailleurs Ă  renforcer votre cou.

Finally, you can take the time to treat a sore neck. Doing exercises, stretching and maintaining good posture will help. However, it is important to keep in mind that if the pain persists, it is important to go see a doctor.


Do not hesitate to make an appointment if you have any concerns or neck pain! The first consultation is free!


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