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Testimonial - Neck and trapezius pain


Testimony of Alain Cadorette

I have come to consult at the clinic in 2005. I had a lot of trouble bending and had pain in my neck and trapezius.

Now, 5 years later, I can say that I am in the maintenance period. The treatments have been really beneficial for me, as I no longer have any neck pain or pain anywhere. In fact, I can say that I am in great shape! I would even say that I am in my 20's again!

Working in the electro-mechanical field, I am often called upon to go underneath machines. I can do this now and stay like this for several minutes. My condition is also greatly improved when I do sports. Besides, I love to practice extreme sports like paragliding and hang-gliding. I can now practice them without any problem, even if it requires a lot of physical effort.

In short, I feel great and still in maintenance period by coming about once a week.

Here is 8 Reasons Choosing Our Clinic For Your Health Care:

  1. Our technology : We have a neuro-vertebral decompression device Spine-med to treat herniated discs and severe arthritis, digital radiology, as well as digital thermography, laser and ultrasound, kinesiotaping
  2. Our consultations are affordable First free consultation Certificate for the family.
  3. Soft techniques without cavitation if desired.
  4. We offer adapted care for golfers, exercise programs according to the criteria of the Titleist Performance Institute.
  5. We offer workshops conferences on nutrition and stress.
  6. We accompany the sportsmen.
  7. We offer appointments emergency.
  8. Well located Corner of Highway 15 and Curé-Labelle Boulevard

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