Herniated Disc



A healthy lifestyle

Exercise regularly and warm up before starting physical activity. This is the best way to maintain the strength and flexibility of the back. Pay special attention to the muscles of the abdomen and back, which supports the spine.

Maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if you are overweight.

To reserve moments of relaxation.

Good posture

Stay conscious of their posture at all times. His back is straight, his eyes straight, his shoulders back.

To lift a heavy object, do not tilt the torso forward and avoid torsional movements. Crouch down by bending your knees while keeping your back straight, and stand up holding the object close to your body.

To shovel snow, keep your back as straight as possible. To do this, place your hand near the metal plate, bend your knees to pick up the snow, use the knee as a lever when the load is heavy and avoid twisting the back when shoveling snow.


Initial Treatment

Conservative treatment

Drastic treatment

Surgery; Varies from one person to another.


This condition is usually treated in 6 weeks with appropriate preservative treatments (80% improves in 6 weeks). On the other hand, waiting several weeks before treatment begins, the treatment may be longer and the patient may have sequelae (persistent pain, recurrence, etc.).

WARNING ! If numbness or weakness in the arm is accentuated or incontinence problems occur, consult your doctor immediately.