Ilio-Tibial Strip Syndrome


Ilio-Tibial Strip syndrome is usually caused by excessive friction of the strip on the lateral femoral epicondyle causing tissue inflammation under the strip. This affects riders and cyclists more often.


The tape is a rather thick fibroelastic membrane that starts from the hip and attaches to the tibia. The majority of the time people will complain about pain in the lateral aspect of the knee. Sometimes it is the proximal portion that will become irritated and thus create a pain in the hip.

ilio-tibial strip


An aberrant biomechanics during exercise may be the main cause. It can be an excessive pronation of the foot, an internal rotation of the tibia or a retroversion of the hip. Sometimes only a lack of flexibility may be the cause. It is also possible that the person suffers from an imbalance between the flexors and the extensors of the knee. A weakness of the hip abductors can cause stress on the knee and create the syndrome. An overtraining or excessive increase in distance during running or cycling may be the cause.

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