Jaw Pain

A problem related to the jaw is called Temporo-mandibular Disorder (DTM). The DTM results from a malfunctioning of the temporomandibular joints which can result in: cracking with or without pain, sand sounds in the joint, blockages or deviations of the jaw at opening and closing The closure of the mouth, among others. Headaches, neuralgia in the face, excessive tearing of the eyes, chronic irritation of the throat, feeling of hearing through a cotton plug and some forms of tinnitus may also be the result of a DTM.
It should be noted that most of the time, DTMs are caused by a malfunctioning muscles of chewing. Habits such as gnawing nails and crunching nuts or icicles with teeth can contribute to this problem. In addition, misalignment of the vertebrae of the cervical spine may cause the nerve impulse to unevenly control the muscles of chewing causing increased demand on the joints of the jaw.


Chiropractic treatment

Precise and delicate manual techniques exist to diagnose and treat DTM. The chiropractic adjustments to the jaw and neck are manipulations that precisely aim to eliminate the painful points coming from the muscles of chewing. Your chiropractor recommends customized exercises designed to correct deviations from the jaw. Cold or hot therapies are also advised to reduce pain.

Source: Association of Chiropractors of Quebec




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