Lumbar Pains


If a sharp and brutal pain attacks your lower back, it may be a lumbago (kidney). This pain can become so strong that you feel that your lower back is “hanging”. You can not move and you are leaning forward.
Lumbago can often be caused by minimal disturbances of vertebral biomechanics, poor postures, muscle or ligament stretching, disc herniation, or dysfunction of one or more vertebrae, which produces neurological irritation responsible for muscle contractions Which occur in the lower back.

The chiropractic approach

To treat lower back pain, the chiropractor sees to reduce the muscle spasm felt and improve the nervous influx and blood circulation of the affected area. If the lower back pain comes from stretching muscles, the relief will be quick. If it is ligaments that are stretched, it may take longer to feel. In the case of intervertebral disc lesions, a more sophisticated treatment plan should be considered.
All studies demonstrate, for low back pain, chiropractic treatment is the one that gives the best results. Pain relief is often immediate, eliminating the need to be absent from work. In addition, the healing time is often shorter with chiropractic treatments than with any other treatment available.




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