Our Chiropractic Approach

A chiropractor is regularly consulted for migraines, back pain, neck pain, problems with sciatica, herniated discs, numbness, disturbances in posture, scoliosis, etc. In addition to providing effective relief for these conditions through natural chiropractic care, we offer patients a remodeling of their posture and spine for a lasting correction.

1. Home

Our team of dedicated chiropractors will accompany you through the steps necessary to recover your health.

2. Complete chiropractic examination

Your chiropractic doctor will do the appropriate exams in order to detect the vertebral disorders responsible for your health problem.

3. Radiological examination

As the posture analysis requires great precision, standing X-rays are made according to the strictest positioning rules, exclusive to CBP®.

4. Digital Radiology

X-ray analysis software to precisely quantify the biomechanical disorders of the spine.

5. Reporting

Your chiropractor will explain your condition in detail and will establish your protocol of care according to your health goals.

6. Chiropractic Adjustment

We use a wide variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques to meet the needs of all: newborns, children, pregnant women, adults, the elderly and athletes.

7. Postural Rehabilitation

Your chiropractor will prescribe specific postural exercises and possibly traction to correct your postural deviations and recover the optimal alignment of your spine. If you suffer from scoliosis, deformity of the spine or feet, herniated disc or severe osteoarthritis, it is possible that your doctor in chiropractic offers corrective orthotics.

8. Progress Reviews

Your doctor will closely monitor your progress through regular check-ups: comparative x-rays, digitized postural analyzes of progress and others.