Tendonitis, Bursitis and Epicondylitis

bursite poignet


Inflammation of the serous bursa, of small sacs, which contain a viscous liquid, synovia, occurs during a sudden movement or repeated friction. These small bags of synovia allow muscles, bones and ligaments to move without colliding with each other. They prevent the friction between them and produce irritation. When a serous bursa is inflamed, you experience a severe pain which certain movements may accentuate if they produce friction on the affected serous purse. Such inflammation may be judged acute or chronic as appropriate.
The bursitis of the shoulder is, for its part, the best known, as the most frequent. But, one can also suffer from a bursitis to the knee or to any other articulation of the human body.


Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon, a resistant fibrous substance that attaches the muscle most often to a bone. This inflammation occurs during a sudden and sudden movement, a repetitive gesture or a crushing effect. The presence of tendonitis is confirmed if pain occurs when you make the effort to lift the affected limb and it does not appear if you let another person lift the affected limb for you.



Epicondylitis is an inflammation of tendon attachment points at the elbow. Often, it manifests itself as a result of repeated movements of the arm or repeated rotation of the wrist. People who are engaged in sporting activities or activities that require repeated movements are the most exposed to this type of problem. This is the case for truck drivers, secretaries, laborers, tennis players, golfers and many others.

The chiropractic approach

Chiropractic care will eliminate these problems and give you back the use of your limb. The chiropractor is the health care professional best prepared to deal with this kind of problem.




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