Line Nadeau



I am pleased to share with you the benefits of the treatments and techniques of the Center Chiropratique Familial Ste-Rose.

In the fall of 2014 I was diagnosed with a double disc herniation in the lower back. Dr. Poirier who has treated me regularly for several years for a sciatic nerve problem has suggested to me to increase the frequency of my treatments that I combined with physiotherapy treatments following a recommendation from my family doctor. In spring 2015 my condition suddenly worsened, physiotherapy treatments helped my situation by allowing me to move more easily without being able to remove the constant pain in my leg. After discussion and explanation with Dr Poirier, we opted for the decompression table. The new technology of this device is safe and appropriate for every individual. These are stretches that are done gently. The whole monitored very closely. And it works.

Bye bye back pain! I can finally do everything I want without hurting. I have more energy, I feel so good. It’s day and night. I am very happy. We continue a few sessions and I continue my regular treatments for a few more weeks.

A big thank you to the whole team! You made me a new and energetic person.

Line Nadeau

Nathalie Jetté


Thanks to the good care of Dr. Bernatchez combined with SpineMED spinal decompression, I found an exceptional quality of life, despite my two herniated discs that made me suffer and severely restricted me since 2003.

When suffering from herniated discs, traditional medicine camouflages the problem by prescribing painkillers, anti-inflammatory, infiltration repetition etc … The surgery is very risky and is practiced less and less, as rates Are not very conclusive.

I strongly recommend to all those who suffer from herniated discs to do spinal decompression sessions. The column is gently stretched and the movement between the vertebrae is restored. With the technology SpineMed the problem is treated from the source!

I am extremely grateful to the entire Chiro Ste-Rose team and especially to Dr. Michele Bernatchez.

In the early fifties, I can now see the second part of my life with enthusiasm! Thank you so much!

Daniel Lupien


The decompression experience is a “must” for me. After a lumbar sprain, a disc herniation is diagnosed. At that point, I was directed to a doctor who offered me cortisone injections. You will understand that I did not want to have this treatment given all its disadvantages. So I make the decision to do neuro-vertebral decompression.

At that time I was unable to walk normally, drive the car more than 5 minutes and I even had to go out several times to get to the destination, so the evil was unbearable.

Immediately after the first session I already feel a change that occurs in my body especially on the right leg. In my second session the surprise is “wow” after two treatments I could already walk without too much holding, the present evil was attenuated by many, what happiness!

That’s why today I continue my treatments for 4 months, back pain is no longer present and life is much better. So I strongly recommend this treatment and trust you will see the joy and happiness that it will bring you in your daily life.

Thank you Dr. Poirier and Dr. Bernatchez and your team have changed my life.

Daniel Lupien

Yves Houle


I have 2 dorsal hernias for more than 10 years that I endured as best I could, I had stopped my sports like skiing and racquetball. I had received 6 injections of cortisone to reduce the pain a little in my back then I met Dr. Michèle Bernatchez, after his treatments I felt better and better and following his recommendations.

I have followed 5-6 treatments on the decompression machine of the clinic, since I resumed skiing and racquetball.

At 62, I no longer believed in the possibility of having so much fun and running with my grandchildren, without pain.

Thank you !

Yves Houle




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