Workshops – Conferences and Kiosks

Give your group a boost of Health.


Here are some examples of workshops offered:

How to have 10 times more energy on a daily basis?

Ergonomics and Stretching – Prevent Injuries

Nutrition – How well use food to maximize energy?

Fighting stress – We all have it! How to reduce it and prevent chronic diseases and promote wellness?

Get rid of headaches and stress
Osteoarthritis – How better to live with and prevent it?

Asthma, Allergy and Immune System Improvement

Golf: How to move from bogey to birdie with the Titleist Performance Institute program?

Services For Companies:

Corporate programs are an investment in the primary resource of your company, your employees.

Studies have shown that the presence and productivity of employees are superior when they feel physically and mentally well. Employees are also more likely to appreciate their employers, their jobs and stay longer.

Drs. Michèle Bernatchez and François Poirier, Chiropractors offer workshops in conferences and kisques.

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and create a strategy for your business.

This improves the productivity of the company:


* Attracting high-quality employees
* Reducing absenteeism
* By increasing presenteeism
* By increasing morale
* Reducing health-related costs
* By solidifying the company’s culture
* Reducing turnover of employees

Here are some services offered:

Sensitization kiosks – Posture analysis, thermographic exams on site, ergonomics …

Workshops -Information capsules can be presented on different subjects of your choice.

Our workshops are dynamic and interactive, aiming at the practical implementation of practical and effective tricks that promote a better quality of life, an increase in energy and a better physical form.

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Here are some corporate and other groups that have benefited from our services:


workshops testimonials

“Your involvement has raised our employees’ awareness of their health. The experience can be repeated during our health and safety weeks. “

Benoit P., Human Resources Manager


“The information you shared was of great interest and exciting to our employees. “


Michel G., Director Distribution Center “These are lessons of this nature that truly enrich our practice” Joëlle S., nurse